How To Add Bluetooth Icon To System Tray Windows 7. Click the options tab 5. In order to do that, simply click on the small arrow on your taskbar and select the customize option, as yon can see in the image below.

Windows 10 How to change the bluetooth taskbar icon from

Click it to open the bluetooth settings window shown below. The bluetooth icon should immediately appear in the system tray after turning on the feature. If you do not have a more bluetooth options link available, then your pc doesn't include bluetooth support.

Click It To Open The Bluetooth Settings Window Shown Below.

Those tutorials are all over the web. Click 'ok' and restart windows. A simple way of customizing and tweaking the icons from the system tray is using the customization function that comes with your windows operating system (windows 7 and newer).

The Bluetooth Icon Should Immediately Appear In The System Tray After Turning On The Feature.

Here’s how to place the bluetooth icon in the system tray. Click show the bluetooth icon in the notification area 6. How to add system tray icons to the notification area in windows 10:

That Is, If It Is Turned Off, You Will Experience Windows 10 No Bluetooth Icon.

Press enter to see your hidden icons. Click on change bluetooth settings entry. Scroll down to the “notification area” section and click the “select which icons appear on the taskbar” link.

Step 1 − Go To The Settings Window And Choose System.

Add bluetooth icon to system tray/notification area How to show or add windows 10 bluetooth icon in windows 10 taskbar. Use the list here to customize which icons appear on the taskbar.

Search For A Tutorial On How To Add Programs To The Registry Run Key If You've Not Done It Much.

Type bluetooth in start search box. Hit okay and you should then see the little defender castle icon in your system tray/notification area. It's very helpful to be able to do that.

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