How To Add Website To Tiktok Business Account. Here are the steps to use tiktok for business: Tap on “add your website” and enter the link to the website.

How to Add a Link in TikTok Bio (and What This Means for from

Tap on profile at the bottom right of the screen. Optimizing the profile of tiktok for business accounts is also important. Congrats on your new tiktok business account!

And That’s Also True When It Comes To Setting Up A Business Account.

Unlike creator accounts, tiktok business accounts allow you to add your own website url to your profile. Next, click on “settings” and “business information” to add your business details (information such as industry and address). Download tiktok from the app store.

Go Back To Your Tiktok Profile And Tap On “Edit Profile”.

Edit profile button in red on a profile. Go into the profile tab (if you’re not there already). Type in your url and click save.

To Switch To A Business Account, Tap The Three Dots In The Upper Right Corner, Then Manage Account.

How to switch to a tiktok business account to add a link in your bio. Creating your tiktok business account. Click here to start your account registration.

Why Can’t I Add A Link To My Tiktok Bio?

Select “manage account” followed by “switch to business account”. Once you’ve switched to a business account, simply click “edit profile” and add your link as your website. Watch popular content from the following creators:

If You’re Convinced That Tiktok Is The Right Choice For Your Business, It’s Time To Learn How To Start Using It.

Hit the ‘get started’ button on the top right hand side of the page or in the middle of the page. The first thing you need to do is open the tiktok app from your phone. To make your link for a tiktok bio clickable, paste it into a dedicated field even though it’s called “link in bio,” technically, it’s a separate element, just like any link in.


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