How To Change Airpod Name On Iphone 11. After waiting for 30 seconds, open the lid. Next to your airpods, then tap the current name.

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Tap the i icon next to your airpods in the my. Apple will assign a default name to your airpods the first time you pair them with your iphone. Replace or modify the airpods' default name.

The Name Isn’t Very Creative But Not To Worry, Here’s How To Rename Your Airpods On An Iphone Or A Mac Computer.

Next to your airpods, then tap the current name. You can then erase the existing text and rename the airpods. Videos you watch may be.

How To Change Your Airpods' Name On Iphone Or Ipad.

Tap the gear icon next to their name, then tap the pencil icon. 5) tap the done key on the keyboard to save the changes. Launch settings from your iphone's home screen.

On Your Iphone, Go To The Settings App, Open Bluetooth, And Select The “I” Icon That’s Next To The Bluetooth Entry For Your Airpods.

On your iphone, ipad, or ipod touch, go to settings > bluetooth. On an iphone (or on an ipad), you can change the name of your airpods by briefly diving into your device's bluetooth settings: Tap the more info button next to your airpods.

If You Want To Give Them A Different Name, Though, You Can Change It At Any Time.

Edit the name to whatever you want. If you have a lot of bluetooth devices, you may need to scroll down the page to find the entry you are looking for. Go to settings on your ios device.

Delete The Current Name, Then Enter The New Name.

Touch the small i button to the right of the airpods. Tap the “i” icon beside the entry for your airpods. In the list of devices, tap.

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