How To Change Name In Discord. And that’s all there is to giving yourself a new name on a discord server. Each discord user has a username that is split into two parts:

How to change channel name on discord YouTube from

To change your server name on discord, you need to navigate to your server settings. Editing server nickname to a unique discord name font. In the my account tab of the user settings menu, click that edit:

Click On That And Type Any Random Or Funny You Want As Game.

Remember that you should have enough rights to change the nicknames of people inside the server. However, you may want to show your real name or some other name. In the my account tab of the user settings menu, click that edit:

Enter A Desired New Username And Your Current Password (Relate:

How to change your server name on discord. The slash command “/nick” also works perfectly on. Let’s break down this process in simpler words.

Click On The Name Of The Application In The “Game Activity” Text Box.

Click the server settings menu bar at the top portion of the discord window. However, as the username not only applies to the server the user is currently in, but all servers they are a part of, this can only be changed by heading to the my account section of the individual user settings in discord. Then, navigate to “server overview” and change your server name by editing the “server name” field.

By Default Discord Uses Your Login Name As The Name Displayed To Others On The Server.

This is how you change the name of the game you’re playing on discord 2019. On the “edit server profile” page, tap the “nickname” field and type your new nickname. Your discord tag changes when you change your name to a user who has the same name as yours.

Click Save To Change The Username On Discord.

On the left side of the screen, click the server you want to change. Under my account, click edit button on the right of your username. Go to discord and click on settings.

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