How To Change Time On Fitbit Without App. In the fitbit app, tap the today tab. You can also designate a time zone in the web dashboard.

How to Change Fitbit Time on iPhone or iPad 8 Steps from

Sync to change the time. Scroll down until you find an option named clock display time. Instead, you should go to the fitbit online web dashboard to change the time format.

In The Fitbit App, Tap The Today Tab Your Profile Picture App Settings.

In the fitbit app, tap the today tab. 3 swipe down and locate “app settings.” 4 tap on “time zone” 5 now enable automatic time zone by toggling the “set automatically” button. The simplest way to change the time on your fitbit is by syncing it with a smartphone device.

Connect To The Phone’s App.

The device will sync to your tracker and then, it will update the time automatically as per the location and the accurate time zone. To change your fitbit's time, disable the set automatically slider. But you can change the time using these methods below:

Conclusion Log In To Your Fitbit Online Dashboard

You have to click the account icon in the fitbit app. This wikihow teaches you how to set the date and time on a fitbit. I demonstrate this on a charge hr, but it should work for all models.

The Simplest Way To Change The Time On Your Fitbit Is By Syncing It With A Smartphone Device.

Changing fitbit time from ios app. Tap on 'time zone' and turn off 'set automatically' option and switch to 'set manually' to manually change your fitbit's time zone. Also read | apple watch series 6 to read blood oxygen level;

Turn Set Automatically (Or Automatic Time Zone) Back On.

Sync to change the time. The set automatically option will be active. Let me know if you have further questions!

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