How To Change Your Name In Valorant. Log in using the proper credentials. Just follow the steps mentioned below to change it:

How To Change Your Valorant Name Xfire from

Once you log into your account, go to the riot id section. How to change your name in valorant? To change your name, close the valorant client (if it’s open), log in to your riot account from your favorite browser, navigate to the riot id tab at the top of the page, and type in your new name.

Changing To A Different Riot Id And Tagline In Valorant Is Completely Free.

To help you out with changing your name in valorant, this guide will be showing you how you can do so with ease. Then go to the riot id tab and click on the pen next to your valorant name. How to change your valorant name?

Enter Your New Nickname And Click Save Changes.

The only option to change your valorant name is doing it through the official riot games website. Others such as grim, flexinja, and flights made their names synonymous with valorant agents sage, omen, and raze. The following steps are going to illustrate how to change your riot id effortlessly.

Click Submit And Make Sure The Change Is Confirmed, And Then You're All Set To Enjoy Playing Under Your New Valorant Name.

Then navigate to the riot id tab at the top of the page. Under ‘riot account management,’ change your riot id and tagline. Whether it's teamfight tactics, wild rift, or valorant, changing your name on one will inevitably change it for all other games as well.

This Makes Up Your Entire Username.

Luckily for valorant, it does not cost any money to change your riot id, unlike previously in games like league of legends which would require riot points (rp) to update your summoner name. Unlike riot games’ moba league of legends, changing your nickname is 100% free in valorant. Your valorant display name is linked to your riot account so it is fairly easy to change your name at the moment and in the future as the game fully launches this summer.

Is Changing The Nickname In Valorant Free?

Click here and log in with your riot id. Prior to changing the riot id to change the presentation name in valorant, the player should guarantee that the game customer is shut. Log in using the proper credentials.


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