How To Change Youtube Channel Name Without Changing Gmail Name. Before continuing and renaming your channel, you should keep this in mind: Select ‘basic info’ and tap on the pencil icon to change your channel name.

How to Change Your YouTube Name from

You can right away access your channel and change its name. Login to your youtube channel; However when i go and change this is changes my name across all devices (such as gmail) i don't want this.

However When I Go And Change This Is Changes My Name Across All Devices (Such As Gmail) I Don't Want This.

Now, yous tin use one proper name for your youtube channel and another name for messages sent from your gmail account, for instance. How to change youtube channel name without changing google account name. Scroll down the menu bar, and select customization.

Here Are The Steps To Understand How To Make Changes To The Youtube Channel Name:

Open the youtube application on your phone. Then, go to the edit channel. I want a seperate name, like a username.

There You Will Have An Option To Change Channel Name.

On mobile, tap on your profile picture. Change youtube channel name without changing google account name (updated april 2021) youtube says the ability to seamlessly rename a youtube channel is a creators greatest wish. Change youtube channel name from desktop.

Press The Pencil Icon Next To Your Channel Name On The Next Page, Enter The New Name, And Then Hit ‘Ok’ To Save The Changes.

Tap on ‘your channel’, and select edit channel. Here, you can edit or add the name. Once there you can change your channel name to ladies man 217.

You Will Lose Your Verification Badge When You Rename The Account.

To change the name of your youtube channel, start by signing into youtube. Go to the basic info tab. From the menu select youtube studio;


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