How To Go Back To Windows 10 From Windows 11 After 10 Days. Go in troubleshoot>uninstall updates>uninstall feature update. Access the link below and click on download tool now.

Windows 11 Rollback How to Uninstall Windows 11 and from

After the ‘settings’ screen appears, go to the option of 'update & security' and select 'windows update.'. If this function fails, here are other quick workarounds provided for you. It is possible to roll back to windows 10 after microsoft has updated your pc to windows 11, but you only have 10 days to do it.

While Holding The Shift Key, Go To The Power And Click Restart.

This involves a complete reinstallation of windows 10although it is less complicated than it sounds. Increase roll back period from 10 days to up to 60 days. By default windows.old is deleted after 10 days and will increase drive free space.

With Windows 11 Released Many Of Us Install It As For Enjoying New Looks And Features But Now Most Of Us Want To Go Back To Windows 10 May Be Many Reasons Of.

This process will only work. Next, run the below command to check the current uninstallation window. This can be done by opening settings → update & security → recovery →.

Then Advance Setup Menu Appears, And There Will Be A Troubleshoot Option.

Now same thing applies to windows 11, if you want to go back to windows 10, say, because windows 11 is buggy or microsoft withdrew their security updates for your 'unsupported' pc, you have a 10 day chance. So let’s start the tutorial to downgrade to windows 10 after upgrading to windows 11: It should say 10 days.

Then If The Uninstall Feature Update Is Available You Will Be Able To Go Back To Windows 10.

Scroll to recovery options > previous version of windows ,. Think of this like pressing a big “undo” button. After that it gets more complicated.

There Are Two Different Ways To Do This Depending On How Long Ago You Upgraded To Windows 11.

After the ‘settings’ screen appears, go to the option of 'update & security' and select 'windows update.'. Open the command prompt as administrator. After you upgrade to windows 10 or install a windows 10 feature update, you’ll be able to go back to your previous version of windows within a limited time of 10 days.

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