How To Restart Iphone 13 Without Screen. Connect iphone to computer and open itunes. In summery tab, click restore iphone option and then restore in the popup confirmation window.

How can I force restart / reboot the iPhone 7? The from

Drag the slider, then wait 30 seconds for your device to turn off. Press and hold both the side button on the right side of the iphone and any of the volume buttons on the left side. This might fix the loose connection and make the screen work again without having to open the device.

To Force Restart Iphone X, Iphone Xs, Iphone Xr, Or Any Iphone 11, Iphone 12, Or Iphone 13 Model, Do The Following:

How to hard reset the iphone 13 (all models) quickly press and release the volume up button. Simultaneously, press and hold the home button located below the screen of your iphone. Press and hold the lock/unlock button located either at the top or on the right side of your iphone.

Drag The Slider, Then Wait 30 Seconds For Your Device To Turn Off.

Restart iphone from computer via recovery mode. Please back up your iphone beforehand because all data will be wiped out after factory reset. This might fix the loose connection and make the screen work again without having to open the device.

Press And Hold The Side Button Until An Apple Logo Appears Then Release The Side Button (Disregard The Prompt That Asks You To Slide To Power Off.

The location of this button depends on the model of your iphone. Click on the 'download' button for starting the ios download process. At that point, just wait a few moments and you should be back to your lock screen.

Tap On “Assistivetouch” At The Top.

If your iphone 13 is frozen or is not responding to touch or is stuck and won't turn off you can force a restart. To hard reset an iphone 13, press volume up > press volume down > press and hold the side button until the apple logo appears. If you are unable to restart the iphone normally, put the device in recovery mode and rescue the device.

Hit The 'Start To Fix' Button On Your Imyfone Interface And Then Your Iphone Will Restart Automatically Soon And You Don't Need To Touch The Screen At All.

Wait for the process to complete and you can access to iphone without passcode. Videos you watch may be added to the tv's watch history. Connect iphone to computer and open itunes.


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