How To Use Instagram Shop. Submit your account to instagram shopping. Promote a sale using shoppable instagram posts.

Instagram testing new shopping feature to make online from

To set up your instagram shop, you will need to link to. Convert to a business or creator account. Go to your instagram business profile and tap the three lines in the upper right.

A Customizable Storefront That Lets People Shop Directly On Business Profiles.

Go to your profile and tap. Connect to a facebook page. An instagram shop lets you integrate your product catalog with your instagram profile.

If You Don't See Shopping Under Your Settings, Your Account Is Probably Still Under Review Or It Hasn't Been Approved For Instagram Shopping.

You will be able to do this in instagram stories as well. In turn, this allows you to promote your products directly to instagram users through posts, stories, in the explore tab, and in a special shop tab on your profile. Reconnecting your instagram account is the last step in the process of reapplying for instagram shopping.

Promote A Sale Using Shoppable Instagram Posts.

Benefits of having an instagram shop When a creator grants a brand permission to use their post, sellers can tag a product and the post will be shown on the product page for the product, instagram shop and shops storefront. Submit your account to instagram shopping.

Next, Choose Your Sales Channels By Selecting Whether To Have Your Shop On Instagram, Facebook, Or Both.

Drive engagement with an instagram contest. Your facebook page or instagram professional account must be located in one of our supported markets to use facebook commerce surfaces. Curate quality images to create an instagram shop.

Setting Up An Instagram Shop Is Easier Than You Might Think.

Then, select the facebook shop you want to use with your instagram profile. How to set up an instagram shop. How to use instagram shopping, image source from

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