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How To Uninstall Windows 11 After 10 Days

How To Uninstall Windows 11 After 10 Days. For that, you need to rename $windows.~bt, $windows.~ws, and windows.old folders. In the settings window, click the system option in the left navigation menu, if not already selected.

How to Revert to Windows 10 from Windows 11 Moyens I/O from

Follow the steps below to uninstall windows 11 and go back to windows 10. Click the clean up system. This option may also be presented as reset your pc.

Click The Go Back Button Next To The Previous Version Of Windows Option.

On your windows 11 computer, click start and type “ go back to window 10 ” in the search bar. To free up space after the installation of windows 11 with disk cleanup, use these steps: How to delete windows 10 files after upgrading to windows 11.

If Asked To Choose Between A Just Remove My Files Option And A Fully Clean The Drive Option, Click On Fully Clean The Drive.

The first step is to show windows.old folder, and the second step is to delete the folder. On the system page, scroll down and click the. Hello vic, if it's been less than 10 days since you upgraded from windows 10 to windows 11, you can use the go back feature to go back to windows 10 without losing anything.

You Can Clean Install Windows 10 Using The Steps Described In The Below Section.

Click start to open the start menu. This option may also be presented as reset your pc. Search for disk cleanup, click the top result to open the settings.

First, You Can Use The Rename Method.

Open the command prompt as administrator. The fastest way to get there is to search for go back to windows 10 and click the top result. Using the dism utility, you can do the following:

Select The Windows 10 System Backup Task And Click “Next”.

It should say 10 days. Next, run the below command to check the current uninstallation window. Increase roll back period from 10 days to up to 60 days.

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